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"If you don't have a High Profile, Memorable, Easy-to-Spell and Brandable Web Address . . . you will find it more and more difficult to compete and make money on and off the Internet as this century progresses."
~ Rick Schwartz


I have some of the largest domain sales in history …

Handshake deals and joint ventures

I bought porno.com for $42,000 in 1997 and sold it in 2015 for $8.88-million, cash, which was the fourth-highest reported domain sale in the history of the Internet. It was also the largest single domain transaction that Escrow.com has ever handled.

In the 18 years that I owned the domain name, it earned approximately $15-million, without ever having adult content! I simply sold the traffic to the highest bidder.

In 2003, I made among the very first seven-figure domain name sales when I sold men.com for $1.3-million. It was reported around the world and was featured on CNN, as well as all major news media outlets. It was a big deal, and it was the sale that proved that domains would go up faster in value than any other commodity ever known to mankind. That domain cost me $15,000.

In 2008, I sold Candy.com for $3-million, plus a 12.5% equity stake, to a candy company that had been around for 35 years. They wanted to be the leader in their industry.

In 2009, I sold Property.com for $4-million, and I also own 10% of the new entity and 5% on an existing entity.

Also in 2009, I sold Punchbowl.com to MyPunchbowl.com for cash and stock in the company.

In 2008, I sold iReport.com to CNN for $750,000.

Soon I will be announcing another deal for Teem.com, in which there is a cash and an equity component.

Want to see more of my sales?

These kind of deals are regularly documented in domain industry journals and media, including this article in The Domains.

eRealEstate.com: Rick's first domain site

eRealEstate.com. This was my first official site on domain names. Most of the thoughts expressed there were written back in the late 1990s. I have only updated certain obvious things.

I have two versions of the same site. The first was written before anyone took domains and online seriously. The second version was a Paris early flash presentation. Enjoy!

Then there is Rick's Blog. I blogged for 10 years before the term even became common. This is a collection 1325 posts of all the thoughts I can remember, from day one. You can read the way I think about life and business, about my principles, and about the way I roll – good, bad and ugly.

Those are all my words.

Google Rick Schwartz

Then, if you do a Google search, you'll see the words from others. Search "Rick Schwartz".

I simply saw something that few saw, and I saw it early on. When I saw it, I applied it to the business world. I came up with a collection, a portfolio, an empire of about 6,500 domain names.

Domain names were so important to me, I even financed and produced the industry's first and leading tradeshow for 10 years. We held 28 conventions on four continents, plus multiple shows in New York City, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, Silicon Valley, and many other locales.

Many of the domain names I have are category killer domain names. Many earn ad revenue – about $30 million to date for the type-in traffic coming to the domains I own.  And, that is why I've never been anxious to sell my assets, but I am very interested in folks with bigger ideas. I am interested in people who want to accomplish bigger and greater things in life, who think big. I saw a magazine ad about a month ago that read, "If you're going to think, anyway, you may as well think big."

Almost all these domains were registered to give a leg up to any business that wanted a superior location online, with an easy-to-spell, easy-to-remember web address. These are domain names that can take advantage of word-of-mouth advertising, which is still the greatest advertising, ever, known to mankind! It may be ignored today, but it certainly isn't a small piece of the puzzle. These are domain names that easily pass the radio test. They put wind at the backs of business, making their future business better.

Isn't that better than the wind in your face?

EKG On Mac Screen

Today, your website is the lifeline of your business. It is more important than any single other asset you and your business can own. It's really where people find the information, and make decisions, about you and your product. The phone line, the chat plugins, SMS and text, email and social media: All of these things go toward supporting your website today, your own sales channel.

I have some of the most powerful and important web addresses in the entire world.

They are right here, available to you, right now. Just remember one thing: The power of a domain name is limitless. It is bigger than the biggest mall; bigger than the biggest factory; bigger than the biggest country. It's as big as your idea.

The following lists are representative of those domains that get the most sales inquiries, although they represent only a sampling of the domains available for partnership.

By reviewing the list of adult domains, you are certifying you are 21 years of age or older.

My domains range from very affordable to those worth hundreds of thousands, to many worth millions. Think about this: What's the cost of the Sears store?


If you have a solid and profitable idea — and you have a record of success on the Internet — I am standing by to discuss.

I have category-killer domains and entire domain categories, including adult names, some of which are not listed. I have virtual reality names; business domain names; automotive; Main Street, medical, education; tips, etc.

I have domains to lease from $500 to $50,000 per month. Equity options are negotiable.

Rick Schwartz, aka "Domain King®"



What's the cost of just one Sears store? Start with the startup cost:

How much did it cost to find a location? Multiple locations? Then, how long did it take them to build the store? How much did they have to pay for permits; how much for all the fixtures and electrical and flooring? How much they have to pay for the hundreds employees to man the shop?

What's the cost of one modest retail store anywhere? Now multiply that by 10 years — 10 years of paying rent to a landlord and receiving little in return. He may even force you to move when your lease is up. Compare that expenditure to a domain name, which is forever!

When people start examining the cost of brick-and-mortar, they begin to understand why a great domain name is so powerful.

What's the cost of that single Sears store? After startup, look at the ongoing costs:

Add everything: Inventory, Lease, Electric, Insurance, Trash removal, Employees, Taxes. Don't forget repairs and shrinkage.

And with that store, the fact is you can draw only from a small radius versus competing around the world. One is open 10 or 12 hours versus 24 hours. And the big one in the real world is LOCATION!

Look at Sears now. They Can't Close Doors Fast Enough!

Sears.com, by itself, is more powerful than all their retail outlets, combined! Twenty years ago they still dominated retail. Today, they're struggling for relevancy … and a future.

This is where MY domains come into play.

So stop being penny wise and dollar foolish, and get with the program … if you expect to thrive in this century! Wishing you the best! Rick Schwartz